My Back to School and Rainy Season gift to all of you, are new stories Love You More Than This (One Direction Fan Fiction) and Million Miles Away Book Two! Hope you all like it and can make you fall in love and have this warm feeling inside during this rainy season. Enjoy and Happy Reading everyone! xoxo

Okay! Here is my story site (https://kiligstorywriter.wordpress.com) that gives readers here a funny but romantic story. And I really want to share my stories to readers here at wordpress.com and of course hope to gain readers.  I do now have my personal blog (http://rightmanatrighttime.wordpress.com/). I am writing love stories or romance. Romace comedy yata was the right term. My stories was full of humor. My friends told me it was for ”praning”. So I created this blog for my stories thar funny and for Praning’s out there! My heroine is always kinda praning or humorous; that’s why it is.  And so kilig stories. And this is a special blog for kilig stories.  Well, FEEL FREE to read my stories. To select my stories choose from the SIDEBAR.

Well, my name is Raejel! Tnx! All of the stories you’ll find here are all my original idea’s. No stealing please.  And all the ideas were product of imagination but all the incidents are merely invention. Thank you very much!

You can also chat with me, here’s my YM jel_lin108 see you at the chatroom! You can join the chatbox of this site in our group (http://kiligstoriessite.chatango.com) see you there!

Kilig Stories Site

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1.  I”l Find Your Heart

2.  Addicted to You

Top Stories:

1.  Addicted to You

2. Ai Wo (Love Me)

3. I’ll Find Your Heart


1.  Ai Wo (Love Me)

2.  Addicted To You

3.  I’ll Find Your Heart


1. Million Miles Away Book Two

2. Love You More Than This (One Direction Fan Fiction)


1. Ai Wo (Love Me)

2. If Ever You’re in My arms Again